Parents are calling for a crossing at Forthill Primary

Angela, who was one of the people behind the petition calling for the return of the lollipop lady said ,

“The 431 parents and carers who signed my petition made two demands.

“They wanted our crossing patroller, Freda, returned to working at the crossing point on Balgillo Road.

“Thankfully that has been achieved.

“But we are still waiting for the withdrawn crossing over Forthill Road to be reinstated.

“As this is apparently too much for one crossing patroller to undertake, the council will need to pay for an additional patroller and find a suitable crossing point between the junctions of Forthill Road with Balgillo Road and Luke Place.

Ferry councillor Laurie Bidwell commented , “ The council has issued advice that the safe route to school is to walk along the other side of the street and cross ant Fintry Place and Luke Place.

“But these are both busy roads which are chocked up with parents parking in the area.”